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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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let's get right to storm team 4's dave price. >> let's take a look right now at the storm tracker. you can tell there's intense pockets of precip which are going to begin to move into our area primarily between the hours of 3:00 and 8:00 tonight. the moderate rain has now started. it's now pushing into queens. within the next hour or so will be through and over the area of nassau county. and then all of the viewing area will be seeing rain through the afternoon. but the worst of it and our big concern is during the heart of the rush hour. 5:00 tonight. look at this intense line that we're anticipating rolling through. we do have some flood watches in effect through sections of new jersey. we're expecting an inch to an inch and a half of rain. that could clog storm drains and create some localized street
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we'll have a full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. remember, you can track the storm right in the palm of your hand with the news4 new york app. new at noon, a big announcement from the mayor of newark. he's calling on the state to come in and help them patrol the streets. ryan thompson joining us now with some of the details. >> reporter: newark's mayor and brand-new public safety director are calling this a 45-day plan. it really sounds more like an emergency. asking the state police to come in in force. no numbers yet on how many troopers would hit the streets. this crime fighting plan also asks for more help from the u.s. attorney and the county prosecutor. getting the state police here is significant. >> i'm asking them to come in
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us on the investigative side. we will have troopers in our major crimes task force. >> reporter: one big concern of course is that following 104 murders in newark last year, there have already been 14 killings through yesterday. an alarming number for officials here. other measures will include a crackdown on 24-hour eateries described as places where drug dealers hang out and putting some 20 detectives into solving shooting crimes in this city in which they have some 380 or so last year. the public safety director says there will be a 90-day plan. live in newark, news4 new york. at the same time, the nypd says violent crime in the city is on the decline. in fact, january was the safest month on record.
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homicides dropped 46%. after ring of recent incidents on the subway, slashings and stabbings are up 20%. the nypd also just took 18 alleged gang members off the streets. police say these men shot up brooklyn terrorizing residents. they're wanted in several shootings, another that left a 60-year-old grandmother paralyzed. they were members of the no love city gang. moving to new jersey now, 20 cars going up in flames. it started after power lines fell on top of them at a car auction lot. we have details from fairfield. >> reporter: flames burned 20 cars to a crisp this morning. allison works nearby. she saw the smoke and heard the telltale sound of a transformer fire.
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but it was like popping noises and looked like fireworks. >> reporter: firefighters say the fire got worse when it brought down power lines right on top of a row of cars. firefighters had to keep their distance. they couldn't fight the fire until they shut down power. >> that's when i saw the flames maybe -- i don't know, maybe 5 feet high. >> reporter: fairfield firefighters were able to get the flames under control within 90 minutes. back in october, another fire broke out at the skyline auction yard. >> unfortunately, it was our next door neighbor. it's a concern. >> reporter: in fairfield, nauj, news4 new york. what was once a long list of republican candidates for president keeps getting shorter. kentucky senator rand paul announced today he's getting out of the race.
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caucuses monday night. he said it's been quote an incredible honor to run. he will now focus on the senate reelection campaign. a key decision expected today in the criminal case against bill cosby. a judge set to rule if that case can move forward or if a deal a decade ago bars the state from prosecuting the comedian. we're live with the latest. chris? >> reporter: did a decision not to prosecute bill cosby ten years ago mean that cosby could never be prosecuted? that's the question that a judge here in pennsylvania is trying to answer in this case which is attracting national attention. the country's most famous tv dad is providing the star power, but it was a former district attorney who has a courtroom hanging on his every word. bruce caster spent the entire day on the stand tuesday explaining his decision not to prosecute bill cosby for a 2004 encounter with a woman who
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comedian. caster said he did not forge a formal nonprosecution agreement with cosby. he told the judge he bereaved the entertainment did inproperly inappropriately touch andrea constand. >> in order for caster to show the reasons for what he did what he did, he basically had to smear the accuser. >> reporter: he contends the decision to compel cosby in a civil suit filed against him. cosby settled the suit in 2006. last year, some of cosby's unsealed. the new district attorney used that testimony and cosby's admission that he gave constand some pills and wine to help her relax to charge cosby with sexual assault. if that judge allows this case against bill cosby to move
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up to ten years in prison if convicted. back to you. the convicted killer who escaped an upstate new york prison last summer was sentenced for up to seven years for that prison break. the judge also ordered david sweat to pay $80,000 in restitution to the state. they were on the run for three weeks before matt was shot and killed by officers. sweat was already serving a life sentence before the escape. the rutgers suicide case is being revisited by a new jersey appeals court. they're citing changes in state law. he served 30 days in jail for cyber spying on clemente. nearly 30 people rallying in
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>> justice for -- >> graham's family calling on the justice department to convene a grand jury in the case. graham was shot and killed by officer richard haste during a drug sting. chargest against haste were dropped. >> we want the officer involved in this case murder my son to be prosecuted. we want a grand jury convict and we want them to prosecute and we want it done now. >> graham's parents say they last met with the u.s. attorney when the federal investigation opened. that was back in september. the u.s. attorney's office says that investigation is ongoing. up next, a strike threat from new jersey transit workers. how it could impact you. plus this -- >> reporter: those days could soon be over.
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coming up on "new york live," does melissa mccarthy have a beef with gill mother girls? plus, celebrate the chinese new year with some of the city's tastiest platters.
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welcome back. new at noon, growing concerns now that new jersey transit workers could go on strike next month. they have been working without a contract for five years. today, they are meeting for possibly the last time before the strike deadline. if they cannot reach an agreement, union leaders tell us workers will likely call a soft strike the weekend of march 12th. that could last through the monday morning commute. parking meters are coming into the 21st century. forget about quarters. that. we're in the belmont section of the bronx with a little bit more on how this program will work.
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old system works. park your car, walk to the meter, get the slip, put it on the dash. >> it's a nightmare. most of the times, the credit cards don't work. >> sometimes you get a ticket on the process of it waiting in the line to pay for the meter, i got a ticket already one time. >> reporter: the city is announcing a new system. by the end of the year, you can pull up your smartphone and pull up a parking app. phone. this person says it worked well. >> it's good. it's very convenient. you can do it online from your phone. >> reporter: the new phone app will hook up with the nypd's new tablets that will let them know automatically whether the meter's expired. you'll also get money back if you don't use the entire time in that spot. >> that's a very good idea. with the two little boys i have, it's easier.
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the car to pay the meter and to leave them alone in the car. >> honestly, i don't like new technology. it's too much for us right now. i like the old-fashioned. >> reporter: the new system should be in place by the end of the year. if you don't have a smartphone or like the old system, the meters will still be in place. news4 new york. the department of sanitation announced a new initiative with the goal of cleaning up city streets. mayor de blasio was on hand as the department reveal ld the clean nyc initiative. they plan to expand graffiti removal efforts. it will also include additional sidewalk, power washing, highway cleaning and increasing the frequency of trash pickups. yahoo is cutting its workforce while chipotle and buffalo wild wings stocks are finding. >> hello, sue. >> good to see you.
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pressure in the markets today. not much, especially given all the earnings that we've had out today. right now, the dow jones is trading down about 20 points or so. not as much pressure in the market that we've seen recently. yahoo, that stock is off 7%. they are laying off 15% of their workforce which equates to about 1,700 workers. they're shedding excess baggage in a shakeup that is going to be a test of whether the ceo can save her job. all right. chipotle is down 4% on today's trading session on news that the federal criminal probe linked to food safety at a california restaurant is being expanded. national investigation. shares were down as much as 7% earlier this morning. beat. however, their guidance was
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earnings per share in the first quarter will be zero because of higher costs. now shares of buffalo wild wings also under pressure. down about 3% on today's trading session in the wake of a restaurant closure in overland park, kansas, due to reports of a possible food borne illness. they are closing that particular restaurant out of an abundance of caution. the company is set to report its earnings after today's closing bell. keep in mind, this is the busiest week for buffalo wild wings because of course the super bowl is coming up this weekend. not a good time to have any sort of an incident that may be linked to a food-borne illness. >> that makes sense. all right. sue, thank you. today, president obama is going to be talking about religious intolerance at a mosque in maryland. we have a live picture from inside the islamic society of baltimore where the president is about to speak. it contains a mosque and a school.
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the need for all americans to speak out against bigotry and reject indifference. a little more on that story later on today. right now, though, we need to talk about the weather. maybe even in for a little bit of flooding. >> yeah, we're watching it right now. we have radar pictures to show you and live pictures as well. you can see what we do. that is that rain is hitting the lens and it is envel lopping the city. it's 54 degrees outside right now under cloudy and rainy conditions. limited visibility. that means our airport delays are going to build through the afternoon and it gets worse with all of this heavy precip and the heart of it expected to be over the city during the rush hour. heavy rain, that's what we're expecting at about 5:00, 6:00, the worst of it. calm and pleasant during the weekend. look at this. we're tracking another coastal
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too early to nail it down. we know how tricky coastal storms can be. we want you to know our eyes are on it for you. around the area, temperature's a nonissue. warm. 54 degrees in the city. 51 in poughkeepsie. the cool stop from monticello to morris town and bridgewater. look at the length of this storm stretching all the way down to the southeast. this is the same system that called all the tornado activity yesterday that we heard about in the headlines. let's zoom in and get local. this is where the storm is. the leading edge beginning to work its way over the city, into queens and eventually into most of nassau and suffolk county through the afternoon. as we head into west caldwell and fairfield and back through
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on 287 or i-80. these are going to be wet roadways right now. where else is it going and when? at jfk, you're going to see the heaviest rain at about 12:30, the first black. through the afternoon, it's going to continue. that's why we're concerned about delays. 1:30, islip. that's when the rain heads to you. now, the wind gusts already picking up. they'll be upwards of 30 to 35 miles per hour before the day is done. 24-mile-per-hour gust recorded in central park. 26 at la guardia and 32 at jfk. that is going to create our afternoon. what can we expect as we widen ousht the picture. everyone's going to see the winds pick up through the afternoon, even to the north and west. this.
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at 2:00, the heaviest rains to the west then we push it to 4:00. this is when that band right over the five boroughs. it basically divides long island in half. out towards the anywhere part of long island by 8:00. much of it gone through the early hours tomorrow. just residual clouds and maybe a drop or two. up to an inch, inch and a half out of this. this weekend, we're going to enjoy mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. after today, we're in good shape. monday and tuesday, watching that storm. stay tuned and we'll continue to track it for you. we'll see you once again at 5:00 today and we'll update you on the web all day if we need to, and twitter. back to you guys at the desk. "new york live" next at 12:30.
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what's ahead. >> gilmore girls returns to the small screen. but there's a hitch. we'll tell you about the melissa mccarthy tweet. >> and lots of restaurants are going all out. we'll show you where to find an amazing and original meal to celebrate. >> okay. sparkles. we'll see you then. >> still ahead on news4 new york at noon, mystery in the skies. what happened on a flight that blew a whole through the side of
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alarming new case of zika virus here in the u.s. health officials in dallas reporting the first sexually transmitted case of zika. a patient tested positive for
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a partner who contracted zika in venezuela. it is a concern for pregnant women because it can cause severe birth defects. investigators would like to know was a man sucked out of a jet that nearly exploded over africa. passengers say they heard an explosion. this was mid flight. they saw a man on fire. so far, investigators are ruling out foul play. the plane did land safely. police looking into reports that a body fell from it. still ahead, the photo of a police officer and a toddler gone viral. we have the story behind this snapshot. [ male announcer ] ten years after you quit smoking your risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a smoker. but right now...'re one cigarette closer to cancer.
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this is pretty cute right here. warming hearts around the country. this is a cincinnati police officer on the floor laying on his belly playing with a 2-year-old boy. >> two officers found him wandering outside on apartment complex alone. they went to the store to get him new clothes and a toy. the boy's come came to pick him up and was arrested for child endangerment. we're going to keep a close eye on the heavy rains and the winds moving into our area.
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>> it's been one year. tonight we'll go back to the scene and find out what's been changed for your protection. those stories and much more beginning at 5:00. >> for breaking news, go to or check out our mobile app. >> "new york live" is next.
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